Brides’ Bundle

Brides’ Bundle’s services combine True Sounds Entertainment’s Disc Jockey & Specialty Lighting services with Windy City Production’s Photography & Videography services.  Consider it an All-Star team of venders collaborating through Brides’ Bundle.  With 11 years of combined experience this award winning, technically advanced, purpose driven team is reformatting the way business is conducted.  Our overall goal is to provide the best wedding services all while saving our clients time, energy, and money.  Our latest challenge has been trying to provide a breath of fresh energy into what is known as the stressful finish line of the wedding list more commonly known as finding a Wedding Photographer, DJ, Possibly Videographer and Lighting specialist.  As full time wedding professionals, who together cover over 150 weddings annually, we know from first hand experience how difficult it can be to plan your wedding.  Through Brides’ Bundle we have been able to truly revolutionize the process and add in much needed fun throughout the finish line of the wedding list.

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True Sounds Entertainment

True Sounds is Chicago’s Award Winning Wedding DJ that many have come to trust to make their wedding reception unforgettable. True Sounds takes pride in their unbeatable services, offering the finest quality at an affordable price. True Sounds’ seven years of experience, unique technical capabilities, and enthusiastic spirit will ensure everyone has a great time! DJ Sammy, proud founder of True Sounds, has built one of the most exciting wedding DJ services throughout Chicago. For more information Click Here!

Windy City Production

Windy City Production is Chicago, Miami, & Fort Lauderdale’s award winning wedding videographer & photographer. Over the past four years Windy City Production has assisted countless clients with the finest video and photo reproduction of their wedding day at the most affordable prices. Led by a passionate owner who is dedicated to the highest quality standards Katie has build the company’s values around meaningful purpose, natural shooting, & overall friendly customer service. For more information Click Here!

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    Wedding Videographer & Photographer

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    Wedding Videographer & Photographer